Overnight Stays: 6pm-8am

$60 Per Night

24 Hour Stays:

$75 Per Day

Daily Dog Walks


$50 Per Week (15 Min Walks)

Random Walks:

$15 Per Walk

Pet Taxi

Vet Visits:

$50 (includes: gas, time)

Daily Dog Park Visits:

Mon-Fri: $80 Per Week (45 Min Visits)

Random Dog Park Visits:

$35 Per Visit

Pooper Scooper:

1 clean-up weekly: $10 Per Week

2 clean-up weekly: $15 Per Week

3 clean-up weekly: $20 Per Week

Service Areas


Phone: 480-217-9767


Phone: 480-248-5107

Phone Hours

Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

(Although, we work around the clock)

Additional Information

We bring our own food and belongings when we stay in your home.

If you call during business hours and we do not answer, we are either with a client or we can't hear the phone ring due to the load noises of dogs barking, cats meowing or birds chirping! So, just leave a message and we will call you back ASAP!

We come to you for your convenience, and less stress for your pets!